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Senior IT Support

Minimum 5 years of experience in any related field

Academic Requirements

  • BA/BS, preferably in computer science, business administration or a related field.
  • MS is preferable

Job Description

The Senior IT Support role entails the responsibility of overseeing various aspects of client IT setups, including the installation of hardware and software. It also involves managing requests and issues handled by junior staff members. The senior IT Support is tasked with supervising and handling incoming client requests, ensuring they are resolved within established timelines. Additionally, they are responsible for addressing complex problems that exceed the capabilities of junior staff and employing research and risk management methods as needed. Furthermore, the senior IT Support role includes the duty of generating reports and providing feedback to the department head regarding daily tasks and client portfolio.

Basic Functions

• Offer assistance in setting up, documenting, installing, and configuring hardware, operating systems, and applications.
• Provide in-house tech support in staff offices, conference rooms, and other remote locations.
• Assist the Junior IT Support team.
• Provide input and recommendations to the department manager for project planning.
• Participate in on-site visits to support junior field staff.
• Evaluate client requirements and propose suitable backup solutions.
• Deploy backup systems and infrastructure as required.
• Perform backup procedures, generate reports, and manage failures.
• Ensure the organization and functionality of cabinets and networks.
• Configure networking rules like NAT-ing and QoS, along with related networking devices.
• Create virtual IT environments for network and server testing and other purposes.
• Enforce security policies on servers, backups, networks, and virtual machine layers in accordance with security department guidelines. • Oversee tasks diligently until they are professionally completed or refer them to third parties when necessary.
• Monitor and ensure timely completion of tasks by junior staff.
• Offer remote support to clients and daily users as needed.
• Document procedures and processes to standardize departmental workflows.
• Assist clients in setting up systems, troubleshooting system and network issues, and diagnosing hardware and software problems, both on-site and remotely.
• Research and propose new technologies that support the implementation of new applications and optimize resource utilization in terms of cost and time within the department.
• Respond promptly to service calls within agreed-upon timeframes.

Job Category: Information Technology
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Beirut Lebanon

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